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Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
nelson mandela. people across the world are still mourning - and celebrating his life. reverend cecil williams of san francisco's glide memorial church talked about mandela today. he says he was there onstage the oakland coliseum when mandela visited in 1990. and will always remember mandela for his courage and conviction even after being imprisoned for 27 years. >> he comes out and his fans that he is not going to be destroyed. he stated that he came to liberate. that is what he is, a liberated. i did not know how many liberators are left to tell you the truth. be a real human being. so much so, that i will--are will invest my life to be nice people. >> world leaders are paying their respects to mandela. reporter emily schmidt has the latest from washington. >> nelson mandela made his last appearance in 2010 when they host of the world cup. it has done nothing to diminish his place. the tributes are just rolling in for him today. >> there is silence on the first full day of mourning. there are growing tribunes and then there are words tried to express a lot. >> his long walk to freed
Dec 9, 2013 5:00pm PST
the runway. >> pam: people around the bay area are remembering nelson mandela today. >> pam: they are sharing their condolences in writing. for the south african leader who died last week. the condolence book is open at san francisco city hall. until 5:30 tonight. a civic memorial will be held at 8 a.m. wednesday in the city hall >> pam: rotunda to celebrate mandela's life. led by former mayor willie brown. memorial book- signing events are also at the of the chimes cemeteries andsan mateo's skylawn memorial park. residents can sign the books. they will be sent to the mandela family in south africa. >>president obama and the first lady left for south africa this morning. where a huge memorial for nelson mandela is planned for tuesday. >> catherine: at least 90 world leaders will attend. former presidents bill clinton, george w. bush and jimmy carter will be there. >> catherine: so will prince charles, oprah, -- and the pope. and if organizers have their way -- it will 'not' be a somber experience. but a big loud and happy event - like the spontaneous street celebrations happening
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
humanitarian efforts. but first, the passing of former south african president nelson mandela. i'm kevin frazier. thea andrews will join me in a moment. nelson mandela didn't just change his country. he changed the world. didris alba recently talked about the former president's legacy. >> when you talk about liberation, freedom of man, mankind, we all have the right to be free, right? that's our right. you're given it. i'm given it. and i think mandela's legacy is that he fought for it. for a nation of people that it was taken away from. >> more on mandela's legacy tomorrow. >>> now the latest on the death of actor paul walker. his brother has just surfaced. paul's younger brother cody yesterday outside the actor's home. the 25-year-old along with a femaleen
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3